Radionica/workshop"Recording a daydream" day2

“Recording a daydream” photo walks + workshopUrban Incubator/City Guerilla education certified program invites you to apply for the third workshop and a presentation within the Photo Naratives project between the 18 th and 22 th of May 2015 at KM8 space (Kraljevića Marka street 8).
Through mutual photo-strolls with professional photographers, participants of the workshops and photo-walks will be encouraged to explore the town meeting points in Savamala, local people, their lives, their memories, desires as well as their environment and to discover their hidden qualities, simultaneously connecting with the city and with each other. They will have an opportunity to learn about photography, design, printing skills, various techniques, different approaches and / or the appling of various techniques and approaches while capturing the spirit of the town. The exhibition of joint fanzine/catalog and photos will be made together with mentors of the workshop on the 22 th of the May 2015, at 19h and it will be held at KM8 space (Kraljevica Marka street 8).

The workshops facilitators are: 
Milica Nikolić - MA Conservator, Photographer, Graphic designer (co-founder of NGO “City Guerilla“). She was raduated on Department for conservation and restoration 2010, at Academy of Applied Art in Belgrade, Serbia. Member in Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDUS). Worked as a conservator at Archives of Serbia, professional practice and cooperation with National Library of Serbia; Goethe Institute Belgrade; Belgrade City Museum; Art colony "Široka Staza"; Tokyo College of Photography. 
Ivana Andrejić - BA Textile and clothing designer, Photographer (co-founder of NGO “City Guerilla“). She was graduated at the College of Textile, design, technology and management in textile and clothing design. One of the founders of Restyle workshop, Belgrade Art base festival and volunteered in organizing numerous other events such as International student week in Belgrade, Belgrade design week, European Swimming Championship, Free zone film festival etc. Engaged as an PR of City Guerilla and as an ex intern in marketing department of “Nova Iskra” design incubator. Cultural activist, lover of life, an esthetics of minimalism with special focus on art of transposing creative energy in modern forms of art. Occasionally active as journalist, lecturer and photographer. Over the course of her career, participated in the realization of various projects in culture, art and multimedia.

This event is organized by City Guerilla in cooperation with Urban Incubator Association and support of Goethe Institute in Belgrade.
Project authors: Milica Nikolić, Ivana Andrejić


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