Sunday, 17 January 2016

Stara planina photo walks

My friends and colleagues were invited to join a journey at national park Stara planina (tr.Old mountain) last weekend, located  in South-eastern Serbia, tnx to Shum Stara planina.  Here are the dreamy captures of nature, people, and forgotten villages in these parts.

Midzor peak in a cloud

Crni Vrh village

Babin Zub clifs, ski-trail and mountain club near by

Bigar waterfalls

Stara Kalna village

Milica Nikolić (1986, Belgrade) independent photographer, conservator & graphic designer

Graduated on Department for conservation and restoration 2010, at Academy of Applied Art in Belgrade, Serbia. Author of 7 self exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions and projects in Serbia, Macedonia, UK, Germany, Austria, Japan. Member in many art colonies, organized a few art exhibits and cultural events. 
She has won a first prize for poster design for Serbian Olympic Committee competition "Sport, Science and Art" (Belgrade, 2004); a second prize for photo-series "What's your number mate?" PDP convention (Novi Sad, 2009); a first prize on Refoto photography magazine (Belgrade, 2016).  Active member of ULUPUDS (The Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia) since 2013. 
Professional practice and co-operation with Belgrade City Museum, Archives of Serbia, National Library of Serbia, Goethe Institute Belgrade.  
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photo-montages for Savamala audiowalks/City Guerilla

Audio guide Savamala by Simon Maric & Gradska Gerila /City-Guerilla 
Photomontages by: Milica Nikolic Micikitis
Love for city history will be continued with some new similar ideas... ;-)