Friday, 23 August 2013

"Naš Štek /Our Den" (our group photography exhb.@Gardoš Tower) 23.8./19.30h

group exhibition and installation:  
Naš Štek / Our Den
Millennium Tower on Gardoš, Zemun
  Studio and gallery Čubrilo
23.8-6.9. 2013.

exhibition opening: 19.30.
The exhibitions will open by president of the Association "Široka Staza" 
Boško Đuričović.

This time we will introduce five young photographers and multimedia artists who have two things in common: Their love for their own town and the need to preserve and display how they see and experience it.  No make-up or hiding, they expose those parts of the city and appearances that are invisible to random passers-by, showing Zemun from different angles with strong emotion and nostalgia.

(for download click for larger file then save ;-))

She will present her photo installations, “a second perspective of the city ", created while working with a group called “Goethe Guerilla” in the Goethe Institute Belgrade. The goal is very simple, to provide a new view to their fellow citizens in their own city and encourage them not to give up on their own ideas as it is possible to be on top of the building while you're standing on solid ground.  She graduated with a MA at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. A large part of her experience derives from various workshops and fruitful cooperation with the Goethe Institute in Belgrade. Her works are video, photo and written materials aimed mostly at reference to the society as a whole and its prevalence and problems. Inspired by her immediate and daily environment, Zemun and the multitudes of Belgrade.

Olivera Inđić
She graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, in the class of prof. Čedomir Vasić; a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS). Author of six solos, and many group exhibitions in Poland, Japan, Austria, Greece, Belgium, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, France..She attended her studies and residential programs in Greece, France, Italy and Austria. Zemun for her is the part of the soil that hides untold stories. Quiet, winded and written on the inside ..
She graduated at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade (M.A.). Her love for photography and journalism were present during the time of her studies. She likes to travel and to photograph the world around her, people, streets, nature. Mostly she likes to capture moments when people are absent in thought, in their own world per say, when they don’t realize that they are “framed”. She has had seven group exhibitions, six in Belgrade and one in Japan. Her “den” is the Danube, which brings peace and the stories that people are carrying with the Danube.

Aleksandar Carević
He was involved in painting and attended the school of the famous painter Čedomir Bajić. He had several group and individual exhibitions, parallel he  was involved with amateur photography. He graduated from the School of PhotographyFoton”, led by Saša Preradović and Kelić Aleksandar, master of photography. In 2008th he has  began working as a professional wedding photographer, also covering fashion, music events. View the old craftsmen and space in which they work, shows an unusual beauty that is reflected in their dealings with the customers and even intimacy, which in this day and age is very rare.

Milica Nikolić
She graduated at the Department of Conservation and Restoration of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (M.A). A member of the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS); author of six solo exhibitions; participated in numerous group exhibitions in Serbia, Macedonia and Japan. Currently she is involved in documentary photography along with the conservation of works of art on paper and archival materials. She will display the second part of the work from the series "Dreamson Danube banks", which has been previously exhibited independently in May in the Jazz ClubČekaonica”.


Thursday, 15 August 2013

"Discover Serbia" Design Festa gallery@Harajuku/Tokyo

We had opportunity to show our works at Design Festa gallery thanx to Serbian embassy in Japan on an interesting food&art event Design FesDesign Festa where different embassies represented their food and culture in interesting and interacting way.

People from embassy organized Serbian cuisine workshop while our artist Mirjana Andjelic show her wonderful paintings of our monasteries in manner of Japanese traditional painting with natural pigments,papers and other materials.

Marijana Andjelic
Also painter Milena Milosavljevic and me had shown our works during the event. Design Festa is might look a a like Belgrade Design Week but with more locations, artists, less conferences and mush more occasionally during a year.

Milena Milosavljevic
Milica Nikolic


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tnx to Jelena Glisic,Akiko Koga and people from Serbian Embassy for photos.
 cheers ^^

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

On The Steps 2012&2013

For the second year in a row, this early spring, japanese friends and artists held group exhibition of contemporary young artists in many disciplines. Some of my photos from Panta Rhei series (my solo @Steps gallery/Tokyo/2012 tnx to invitation mr.Masami Yoshioka and ms.Akiko Koga) joined in this interesting venue.

Enjoy the movie below ^_^ kampaii

                                                         video by:  Terasaki Seizo