stormy on Vršac Hill and castle

In the beginning of June, we made some hike tour to Vršac mountains and Vršac Castle (Vršački zamak), which dates back to the mid 15th century on the top of the hill (399m). The distance from Belgrade is around 76km, and you can arrive by train,bus,or cycling. Must say that I'm thrilled with aesthetics and Vršac city history. The stairway to the chapel of Sn.Cross is well preserved, surrounded with lush wood. Authentic houses and buildings from Baroque and Art Nouveau epoch in downtown are also breathless. 
Enjoy :-)

stairways to the chapel of Saint Cross

around the chapel of Saint Cross

on the way to the Vrsac castle and hill

Vrsac castle from 15 century, reconstructed nowadays

beautiful shinny Palaeozoic crystalline schist with granite everywhere under our foots

an old meteorological or radio station

Church of St.Teodor

authentic houses with vineyards

Vrsac city park

we visited our friend in their gallery Moraru

City Hall

girl enjoying her poppy ice cream in the oldest pastery shop Đorđević

the birth house of serbian poet Jovan Sterija Popović,founder of the National Museum and the Academy of Sciences in Belgrade 

baroque architecture of Vladicin Dvor palace

sun salutation till the next adventure 
ph: Milica Nikolić Micikitis
Ivon Maltarić


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