photo essey Autumn in Kvarner

  For all the friends and acquaintances who have not seen my beloved story to the last Periscope in Pancevo, here are these photos.I briefly rejoined the two units of the quietest and most fertile time of the year for the inspiration and peace deriving on the coast. The first part is actually creating new nostalgia, or in the absence of express, refreshment nostalgia, that my parents and ancestors have for this place Selce, and all other places that are remembered for good untill these sudden '90s .. 
  After 17 years, my boyfriend and I dared to go to that our place and see whether we are welcome, whether it's an old family stone house still intact, whether the sunsets are the same, and bell sounds are at the same time from a nearby church.. I took footsteps of ancestors, thinking and deep inculcated the each path, plant, antiques, wall, stairs, street ravine so that I can convert these images at least a little as are their memories. 
  The second part is an unfortunate event that has befallen us, a large forest fire above Selce and Crikvenica in 2012. There were no injuries, but it was tensely because of the strong tempest which was growing hour to hour and new fires closer and closer to us. Everything around us was covered with soot and air unbreathable had that sick orange colour. The next morning we decided to get off the beach and hide in behind a low wall at the pier and watch. In the fall of that same year, when I was with my folks, in these forests there was only black and white hills, only dry-stone walls that shared the hills into small geometrics fields and lines. The trees in the forest are still steamed and crackled, choking smoke, but as everything has an ending, here and there encountering fresh green sprouts on, far more fertile country. 
Hope we still can go back and continue this long therm essay of new nostalgia. Enjoy, do the following story;-)

Baska, Krk island

the rocks and wild beaches in between Selce and Novi Vinodolski

a silent noon time

the craft festival in Selce



Kastav city old town in the behind

the crossroad to Bribir

St.Juraj chapel near Bribir town


the great woodfire in Crikvenica and Selce

the burnt hills after the great woodfire above Crikvenica and Selce 


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