Radionica mokri kolodijum+cijanotipija / Wet collodium+cyanotype workshop

Urban Incubator/City Guerilla education certified program invites you to apply for the first workshop and presentation within the Photo Naratives project between the 25th and 27th of april 2015 at KM8 (Kraljevića Marka street 8) and Lab-Darkroom (Gavrila Principa street 2). 
Timeline: 25.4. 17-19/KM8/presentation
26.4. 11-17h/ Lab-Darkroom/wet plate
27.4. 11-17h/ Lab-Darkroom/ cyanotipe
Inaugural presentation is open-type, and will be held on Saturday 25th April at KM8, but number of participants is limited on 20. 

E-mail for applications: until Sunday 25th.

On the presentation we will introduce the ambrotype process (photography on glass) by using 19th century wet-plate/wet collodium techniques with the help of appropriate chemicals and equipment. This process is interesting because almost everything is done manually, and the photography itself, or in some cases, negative, is created from the components which are applied directly on the glass. We well also present cyanotipe, the photo-printing technique often used during the last century and nowdays because of the availability of low-cost and safe chemistry suited for it.

The workshop facilitator is Darko Ilić, born 1978 in Belgrade. His interest in photography began in 2010. He became a member of the Center of Photo and Film Culture of Serbs and member of the Photo Association of Serbia. He started in digital photography, working through the analogue process, ending with old wet collodion techniques , dry gelatin on glass and even daguerreotypes most recently. He participated in the workshop at Petrovaradin fortress with Predrag Uzelac, in preparation of wet collodions and different contact prints
This event is organized by City Guerilla in cooperation with Urban Incubator Association and support of Goethe Institute in Belgrade.
Project authors: Milica Nikolić, Ivana Andrejić


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