workshop wet collodion at Etnofest Palić

Photography Workshop: Technique "wet Collodion" led by Zalka Imre, master of photography and prof. Pettendi Szabó Péter (Hungary)
Workshop was held at the resort Lake Palić, Serbia, 21-23 June.
Professor Zalka introduced us to the basic techniques of handling the old camera Schneider - Kreuznach Componon with 1:5.6 / 240 lens. Along the way we had a chance to meet with daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, cyanotypes, and also works of participants who have been through this process already passed and have plenty of experience.

As an introduction we did photograms on watercolor paper with light-sensitive emulsion and played in daylight.

We practiced the techniques of application collodions on glass plates, mostly those who frequently bake pancakes have proven successful. ;-)

After that, we practiced setting up the model, metering, focus, and the technique of switching the protective mat boards and timber frame containing the exposed glass. In a dark chamber that was improvised in the toilet, we prepared plates, first clean the glass plates with a mixture of alcohol, ether and water until there is not even a particle of dirt on it.

Then we add silver nitrate collodion and put it together in a wooden frame in camera and exposing.

The development is known to be stressful, especially when is time to apply the developer with quick and precise movements. If it's uniformly applied then can create several black spots or holes where the developer literally wash exposed collodion.

This happens when you accidentally apply twice a developer on the plate, exposed parts disappear and washed away leaving black holes of background.

After fixation and rinsing in the light we pick the sweet fruit of labor.

In case that the panel does not develop well, however, we digitally recorded the setting.

 Thanx to all organizers for this precious workshop, can't wait to cook something again ;-)


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