Photo from the can

In the Makers space of the Center for the Promotion of Science, I've held a two-day pinhole workshop. Through a unique pinhole workshop participants was encouraged to explore the atmosphere and the familiar location of the Belgrade city centre, revealing their hidden qualities and simultaneously connect with sites, as well as with each other. 
This approach has been accompanied travel through past times by creativity and inspiration, as well as alternative photo techniques such as pinhole. Participants had an opportunity to make their pinhole-camera from various cans, simple materials and take pictures of the hustle and bustle of the city in a different way.  
From these cameras they developed their photo-negatives i darkroom. Photo-lab equipment we used are Ilford Multigrade semi-glossy bw paper, Tetenal Eukobrom developer and Tetenal Superfix. For stopper we used a tap water.
Here are the creative and successful results of participants.

We had a lot of good time, our friend and photographer Aleksandar Carević took the next photos of workshop moments.




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