Durst analog color print process

The first weeks of the new year, in Dodge and burn lab (unofficial name), we decided to put on truck Durst RCP20 and make some self-developing colour prints on Fuji pearl paper. We set up temperature at 30degC for bath for 80 seconds and colour set ups was usually like: yellow:60%, magenta:40%, cyan:0%. Also mixing and setting a proper aperture and exposition.
Soon will post some more results!

Its important to put all mechanical part in the right place, or might happen that rollers crumple the photo paper.

My very first analogue colour print washing.
Mila is satisfied with her Brazil graffiti print
Second shot from my film Fuji Superia200exp, printed by Vladimir Ilic

Olivera waiting her first print

the crew

Marija waits her "spot" to show up

Jela checking her print's colour settings

Black and white analogue print on Ilford multi grade paper on the left and from the same capture as a colour print
 from Fuji Superia200exp negative on Fuji pearl paper the righ.

photos by: Miodrag Baždar, Vladimir Ilić, Milica Nikolić, 2017


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