Great War Island analog series

At the recent time I decided to shoot only on various expired films. 
That means like Orwo NP 25 asa from '71. to Konica VX400 from '99. 
Great War Island is a special place for me to explore and shot, kind of sanctuary in city center. Never ending inspiration in those woods and bird protected area in Belgrade. Some photos from belw are made near Avala hill.
This roll is exp.2011 Konica VX400, exposed this July. Much trouble with scanning film with lack of green tone, but there are some interesting results. 
Enjoy in the first series.

Film scanned withouth any scan-editing shows huge lack of green tone, and whole roll is magenta toned which might be example of  Konica film chem degradation process.

designer Marija Marinkovic

designer Marija Marinkovic

photos by @Milica Nikolić, 2017


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